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KP Technology Systems

Description and Comparisons of Some
Advanced Probe Features:

Off-null (ON): the KP Technology ON signal detection
system works on high signal levels and has an
inherently higher resolution compared to null-based
(LIA) systems. Null-based systems are prone to noise
because the signal height is zero!

Height Regulation (HR): The KP Technology HR system
controls the tip height during measurements and scans.
Without this feature Work Function measurements will be affected by sample topography, be difficult to reproduce and prone to drift.

Fast Response Time: KP Technology systems are capable of measuring at a rate of 0.1 - 10 seconds. LIA systems typically use 10-30 second time constants to reduce noise.

Versatile Drives: KP Technology Voice-coil (VC) drives are highly stable in frequency, (unlike piezoelectric driving systems) and they are capable of much larger tip amplitudes, ideal parallel plate operation and supporting a range of tip sizes.

Common Features

All our Kelvin Probe systems are controlled by a 7th Generation Hardware-Software combination termed the 'Baikie System'. This system, featuring digital control of all probe and detection parameter permits the operator to concentrate on sample analysis rather than technical issues. Our systems come complete with a Frequency Characteristic, Sample Measurements and Quick-Setup Parameter File.

All of our systems feature:

  • ON
Off Null detection
  • HR
Height Regulation mode
  • SM
Monitoring of the actual Kelvin probe signal
  • UC
User Channels, simultaneous measurement of external parameters
  • DC
Current Detection system rejects stray capacity effects
  • PP
Ideal, Parallel Plate Oscillation Mode
  • SA
Signal Averaging (often termed Box-Car Detection)
  • WA
Work Function Averaging, Difference and Absolute reporting
  • DC
Digital Control of all Probe and Detection Parameters
  • QT
Quick-change Tip, variable spatial resolution
  • DE
Data Export to Excel, Origin, or 3rd party software
  • OC
Output Channel: TTL switching of external circuit
  • FC
Faraday Cage (EMI Shield)
  • AS
Auto-sensing 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz Power Supply Unit
  • MA
Comprehensive 50 page user manual and 'Getting Started' Guide
  • RS
Gold-Aluminium Reference Sample
  • WAR
12 months Warranty

Additional Options

  • SPV
Surface Photovoltage Software and Hardware Package
  • RH
Relative Humidity Chamber
  • AC
Ambient Cell for controlled Gas Inlet
  • EDS
External Digital Oscilloscope
  • OPT
Color Camera, TFT Screen and Optical Mounts
  • ST
Replacement Tips
  • GCT
Gold Coated Replacement Tips
  • XYZ
3-axis 25.4 mm Manual Stage
  • WAR+
Additional 12 months Warranty Extension

General Software Parameters

  • AMP
Kelvin Probe Amplitude
  • FREQ
Kelvin Probe Frequency
  • TTSP
Tip to sample spacing
  • VB
Tip Potential
  • SP
Sample Potential
  • RATE
Data Acquisition Rate
  • AVER
Signal Averaging
  • DG
Digital Gain
  • HR
Height Regulation Parameters
  • STEP
Backing Potential Scanning Modes

General Display Parameters

  • SIG
Kelvin Probe Signal data
  • PTP
Kelvin Probe Peak-to-Peak data
  • WF
Work Function data
  • HRD
Height Regulation data
  • SWF
3D Image of Work Function *
  • SHT
3D Image of Sample Height *

Output Parameters

  • WF
Work Function Data
  • DWF
Work Function Difference Data
  • SWF
3D WF Data Grid *
  • SHT
3D Sample Height Data Grid *
  • HR
Height Regulation Data
  • TIME
Experimental Time Data
  • SIG
Kelvin probe Signal Data
  • USR
User configurable Channel Data
  • UC
User comments
  • HC
Hard Copy of all measurement parameters

* Scanning Probes Only

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