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KP Technology performs a
significant amount of material research
and training consultancy, mostly based
upon the work function or surface potential
evaluation of client samples. References for
this client service are easily found on the internet
and include universities, research institutes and
national laboratories.


Using our state-of-the-art Kelvin Probes, KP Technology
offers a highly accurate materials analysis service.
Analysis can be carried out on a broad range of material
types including semi-conductors, solar cells and bio-technology surfaces. We are continually researching analysis techniques to accommodate new types of samples, increased sample sizes and to provide analysis under varying environmental conditions.

KP Technology Training Courses

1. KP Probe Tutorial and 'Hands-on' Workshop

A 2-day course aimed at explaining the Kelvin method to beginners. This course covers Surface Work Function, Fermi-Level Equilibrium, Good Kelvin Probe Design, Signal Characterisation, Tip Biasing Procedures, Measurement Optimisation, Sample Interpretation, Practical Training on in-house Systems and Experimental Design. Examples of metals, semiconductors and polymers are considered.

2. Surface Characterisation Workshop

A 2-day course aimed at Surface Characterisation in the High Vacuum-Ultrahigh Vacuum environment. Both the Kelvin method and complementary techniques are discussed. Standard work function and surface potential systems are considered, together with interpretation of work function changes. Semiconductor surfaces are treated in some detail along with surface photovoltage measurements. Good Experimental Design and Practical Training on in-house systems

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