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Spring E-MRS, Nice, France
May 9th to May 13th 2011

Professor Iain Baikie invited all to attend the E-MRS in the Acropolis, Nice. For three days KP Technology demonstrated the Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP5050) with Surface Photovoltage (SPV020) and Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy (SPS030).

The exhbition was a major success and we thank everyone who attended our booth. New customers dropped in with questions and proposals, whilst old customers kept us updated with their current research.

Spring MRS, San Francisco, USA
April 26th to April 28th 2011

Professor Iain Baikie and KP Technology invited all to attend the 2011 Spring MRS to be held in the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

For 3 days Professor Baikie displayed a range of Kelvin Probe systems; Ambient Scanning (SKP5050), Surface Photovoltage (SPV020), Ultra High Vacuum (UHV020) and Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy (SPS030). The Exhibition was a resounding success with old and new clients attending from across the world and across many fields of research.

Thanks to all who attended and to those who contacted us.



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