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KP Technology Client Map

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Universities Country Application
  • University of Alberta *
Canada Corrosion
  • University of Bundeswehr
Germany Vacuum
  • University of California Los Angeles
USA Stress
  • University of California Santa Barbara
USA Vacuum
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Davis
USA Ambient
  • University of Cincinnati
USA Emission
  • University of Delft
Netherlands Photovoltage
  • University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Germany Organic Electronics
  • University of Gadz
Austria Thin Films
  • University of Glasgow *
UK Charge
  • University of Hawaii *
USA Thin films
  • University of Heidleberg
Germany Deposition
  • University of Latvia
Latvia Thin Films
  • University of Limerick
Ireland Physics
  • University of Mainz
Germany Electrodes
  • University of Manchester
UK Corrosion
  • University of Munich
Germany Semiconductor
  • University of New Mexico
USA Vacuum
  • University of Oxford *
UK Corrosion
  • University of Sao Paulo
Brazil Adsorption
  • University of South Florida
USA Semiconductor
  • University of Strasbourg
France Ambient
  • University of Ulster *
UK Nanotechnology
  • University of Virginia *
USA NEA Devices
  • University of York
UK Thin Films
  • University Zaarbruchen
Germany Thin Films
  • Carnegie Mellon University
USA Ceramic Thin Films
  • Eindhoven University of Technology *
Netherlands Di-electrics
  • Harvard University
USA Biotechnology
  • Helsinki Technical University
Germany Corrosion
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
Germany Scanning
  • Hunan University
China Thin Films
  • Indian Institute of Technology (New Delhi)
India Materials
  • Institute of Science and Technology in Art
Austria Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Iowa State University
USA Thin Films
  • Jilin University
  • Karlstad University
Sweden OLEDS
  • Linkopings University
Sweden Ambient
  • Loyola University of Chicago
USA Materials Science
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
USA Charge
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico
Mexico Vacuum
  • National Changhua University
Taiwan OLEDS
  • Nankai University
China Solar Energy
  • Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Material Characterisation
  • North Dakota State University
USA Thin Films
  • Northwestern University
USA Ambient
  • Okayama University
Japan Biotechnology
  • Oregon State University
USA Scanning
  • Purdue University
USA Biotechnology
  • Royal Holloway University
  • RWTH Aachen University
Germany Ambient
  • Sheffield University
UK Corrosion
  • South Bank University
  • South Dakota State University
USA Ambient
  • Stanford University
USA Thin Films
  • Tokyo University
Japan Thin Films
  • Wroclaw University of Technology
Poland Solar Cells
National Institutes & Research Departments Country Application
  • Ames National Laboratory
USA Ambient
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment
UK Metals
  • Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
France Metals
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Council
India Scanning
  • CEA
France Photovoltaics
  • CERN
Switzerland UHV
  • ENI, Italy
Italy Scanning
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
Netherlands Corrosion
  • Institute of New Materials
Germany OLEDS
  • Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)
Israel Fuel Cells
  • IMEC, the Holst Centre, Netherlands
Netherlands Semiconductor
  • Institute of Photonic Sciences
Spain Solar Cells
  • Italian National Research Council
Italy Organic Semiconductors
  • J. Heyrovsky Institute
Czech Republic Corrosion
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory *
USA Metals
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
USA Biotechnology
  • National Institute for Materials Science
  • National Institute of Advanced Science
  • National Physical Laboratory
India Ambient
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
USA Scanning
  • National Research Council *
Canada Biotechnology
  • Sandia National Labs
USA Substrates
  • Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Fac.
USA Thin Films
  • Toyko Institute of Technology
  • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
USA Metals
  • Walter Schottky Institute
Germany Thin Films
  • Wright Patterson AFB
USA Deposition
Industrial Research Laboratories Country Application
  • American Materials Inc
  • Bayer Technology Services
Germany Semiconducting Films
  • Bestec GmbH
Germany Thin Films
  • Bosch GmbH
Germany MEMS
  • Burle Electro-Optics Inc
USA Electrodes
  • Cambridge Display Technology
  • Centre for Process Engineering
UK Thin FIlms
  • Defense Lab Jodhpur
India Scanning
  • Dupont *
USA/UK Thin FIlms
  • First Solar Inc
USA Solar Energy
  • Ford Motor Company Inc
USA Corrosion
  • Frontier Semiconductor
USA Semiconductors
  • Johnson Matthey
UK Organic Electrodes
  • Honeywell International Space Electronics
USA Sensor
  • Intex Inc
USA Thin Films
  • Kovio Inc
USA Thin Films
  • Mitsubishi Materials
Japan Scanning
  • OLED-T Ltd
  • Omega Optical
USA Organic Solar Cells
  • Osram OptoSemiconductors Inc
  • Plastic Logic
UK Thin Films
  • Plextronics Inc
  • Porex Inc
USA Biotech
  • SAES Getters
Italy Deposition
  • Saint_Gobain NRDC
USA Thin Films
  • Seagate Inc
USA HardDisk
  • Sharp Labs of America
USA Printed Metals
  • Siemens GmbH
Germany Vacuum
  • Solyndra Inc
USA Solar Energy
  • Sony - Deutschland
Germany Insualting Polymers
  • Specs Scientific Inc
USA Vacuum
  • Sumitomo Chemical
Japan UHV
  • Sunpower
USA Solar Cells
  • Tata Steel
India Corrosion
  • Techscience
Japan Thin Film
  • Toshiba
Japan Display

* denotes multiple systems

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