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Bespoke Design Solutions

KP Technology has a sound background in scientific measurement and instrumentation, including first hand experience in the requirements of the scientific community. Our wealth of experience, from the needs of the user through the design process and on to manufacture, is invaluable to our working methods and practice.


We are able to supply bespoke systems to meet the technical needs of the customer; from varying sizes of Kelvin Probe tips to completely bespoke systems. Our in-house team of experts are here to help get the right system for you.


A small selection of our Bespoke Kelvin Probe solutions are below:


UHV Multi-System

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

We provided the client with a customised UHV Multi system with fast-access door, Sample Heater Stage and motorised Z-Axis for Automatic Tip approach. The client then upgraded to an SPS system which we had to design a fibre holder for the front of the Multi-System to allow light injection into the vacuum chamber


Ambient Kelvin Probe with Multi-Wavelngth LEDs

Loyola University Chicago, USA

The customer wanted a bespoke SPS system using a series of multi-wavelngth LEDs. The system was designed with 6 LEDs total, 2 pairs of visible spectrum LEDs and a pair of LEDs in the UV spectrum.


Bespoke Tip Solution for UHV Kelvin Probe

CERN, Switzerland

The client needed a UHV Kelvin Probe to perform their measurements at CERN, the problem they had was the positioning of the chamber relative to the UHV Probe. We designed a bespoke tip for the Kelvin Probe that allowed the user to measure the Work Function at a specific angle (i.e. not perpindicular ot the probe).


SPS and Advanced Scanning Kelvin Probe

M.Braun, Germany

The client wanted to shine multiple wavelengths of light upon their large Si samples. We redesigned our SPS and ASKP systems to do this. This gave the client the ability to perform 150mm x 200mm scans with varying wavelength and intensity. The system was to be placed insie their glovebox systems so we designed a Tri-Fold door for ease of use on the front of the enclosure.



Multi-System for Gas flow through and LED

IMEC, Holst Centre, Netherlands

The customer had samples that had to be measured under varying gases. We based our design on a UHV Cell and added swagelok adapters for gas flow-through. The sample was mounted on a bespoke 25mm manual translator. The system also contained SPV LEDs mounted inside the Cell.


Rotational Axis to measure Spent Brass Bullet Casings

Portland Police Department, USA

The customer was a Criminologist with the portland Police Department who needed to measure latent fingerprints from spent 9mm rounds. We designed and built a Kelvin Probe system that had the 9mm casing mounted on a rotational axis and scanned in 3 Axes. The Kelvin Probe tips were also designed at a dimension to pick up fingerprint ridge detail.

Oxford instruments

UHV Kelvin Probe Mounted on Bespoke Flange

Oxford Instruments, USA

The client is a producer of large multi-systems that require a bespoke mounting solution. We had designed a bespoke flange with various adapters for the client. This allows them to mount our UHV Kelvin Probe onto their own system and perform Work Function Measurements.

Designed Sample Holders

We can tailor our Sample Holders to the client's specification.Shining light from top and bottom, rotational, angled, held with spring clips, 4",6" or 12" wafers or tapped sample holders for multi-sample mounting we can do a large range. Three examples of these are below.




Customised Tips

We design Kelvin Probe tips in-house. From sizes of 0.05mm to 20mm. Sharp tip, flat tip, angled, holed, mesh. Gold, Gold Coated, Platinum, Stainless Steel, we offer an extensive selection.


Further Information

If you would like further information on any of our above bespoke systems, or if you have a system you would like tailored, please get in contact with us.

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