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KP Technology

KP Technology is an award-winning company which designs and manufactures Kelvin Probe systems for work function and surface potential measurements. We supply state-of-the-art equipment and consultancy services to innovative companies and research institutes throughout the world. Our in-house teaching laboratories ensure you get the best from your system.



KP Technology Product Range
Air Photoemission System (APS) Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
Single Point Kelvin Probe (KP) Surface Photovoltage (SPV & SPS)
Ultra High Vacuum Kelvin Probe (UHV) Relative Humidity / Corrosion Kelvin Probe (RHC)
Glovebox / Environmental Enclosure Kelvin Probe (GB050) Bespoke Kelvin Probe System Design

Photoemission In Air


Job Opportunities at KP Technology Ltd.

Due to the ongoing expansion experienced by the company worldwide, we are currently accepting CVs in the fields of Electronics Engineering, Experimental Physicist and Software Engineering. If you feel your skill-set and talents could be an asset to our team forward your CV to Angela Mackay.


Take a look at our video segments from the Fall
2008 MRS conference here courtesy of AZOM Video

ASK PROFESSOR BAIKIE: If you are looking for advice or information on our Kelvin Probe who better to ask than its inventor and longest user. Ask here
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Queens Award

John Logie Baird Award


KP Technology